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Mission Statement

The 3rd Infantry division (Rock of the Marne) is a Tactical Realism gaming unit that has been in existence for over a decade. Founded February 10th 2001 by a group of WW2 Re-enactors from Florida, the 3rd has always had its roots deeply planted in the mantra of tactical realism and history. We take on the moniker of the real Third Infantry Division as a sign of deep respect and admiration for that units historical and modern deeds. And we are proud to call ourselves Marne Dogs in honor of the brave men and women of the blue and white devils.

Our gaming history is as plentiful as it is diverse. We began our tour in the original Half-Life Day of Defeat beta and stuck with that game well into the retail stages of its release. After that we moved on to Call of Duty, followed by Call of Duty : United Offensive, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, ArmA2, Battlefield 3 and Planetside 2.

Starting with our time in Day of Defeat, the 3rd ID began to develop what would later be known as Tactical Realism Gaming A play style that focused on teamwork, discipline, brotherhood and leadership both as a base for building your unit and a way to play. This play style spread like wildfire through Day of Defeat and eventually as we moved on to Call of Duty, the Tactical Realism (TR) community came with us and we helped to establish a successful gaming community that worked off much the same rules that the 3rd ID did. It is a point of extreme pride that the 3rd ID helped to nurture many TR units to grow into successful groups. We are often referred to as The Grandfather of Tactical Realism and it is an alias we wear with pride.

Today, as always, the unit strives to be the very best that it can be. Our members are bound to the ideals of the unit by honor and pride. We thrive in an environment of mutual respect and friendship and stay true to our mantra -Nous Resterons La- - We will remain!

Rules, Regulations and Expectations

Section 1.0 : Discipline, Honor, Duty

1.1 While you are wearing the [3rd ID] patch, It is important to remember that you are representing the 3rd ID as a whole. Your actions, both big and small tell the world just what the 3rd ID is all about. Years of discipline and honor earned in sweat and hard work from all members of the unit are built into the 3rd ID name. It is your duty as a member of this unit to uphold the ideals that are at the very foundation of the 3rd at all times.

1.2 Humility and integrity define a member of the 3rd ID. We pride ourselves on turning the other cheek and being graceful in both victory and defeat. A 3rd ID soldier is expected to treat ALL others with the same respect that they expect for themselves.

1.3 Discipline and the chain of command are paramount to the success of the unit. Members are expect to show respect towards both their superiors and their peers. Insubordination will not be tolerated.

1.4 All members of the 3rd ID are expected to be in consistent pursuit of self betterment. The 3rd ID offers many opportunities for one to become a better person, both in and out of game. We expect all of our members to understand this and strive to better themselves in all aspects of their lives. Members who do this benefit two fold, both within the halls of the 3rd ID and in their day to day lives.

1.5 The 3rd ID expects much out of its members. In order for a Marne Dog to be everything the unit needs, we ask that people seeking to join our unit intend on making the 3rd ID their primary online community. Spending the appropriate time checking the forums, being on Team Speak, and interacting with other members of the unit.

Section 2.0 : Forum/Teamspeak/Xfire Responsibilities

2.1 Vulgarity will not be accepted on the 3rd ID forums, or anywhere in the public eye.

2.2 Pornography, racism, and defamatory statements will not be tolerated. After notification by the command staff of the offense, continued infractions will earn the offending 3rd ID member considerable punishment, up to and including termination.

2.3 Disruption of the 3rd ID board, through spamming, multiple identical postings or by any other means herein not mentioned, will warrant immediate attention/action by the command staff up to and including termination.

2.5 While communicating on Xfire, Teamspeak or any other communication oriented software, the same type of respect and disciplined behavior expected from you at all other times also applies here. Be courteous, friendly and respectful at all times.

Section 3.0 : Tactical Realism

3.1 When in a game, a soldier in the 3rd Infantry Division is always involving themselves in a team effort. The point of our unit is NOT to get the highest score or the most kills, but to win and defeat the enemy as a squad. In a game, you wont be looked upon with more respect if you have 3 kills and 1 death any more so than if you have 100 kills and 94 deaths. Take things slow; dont run around an Area of Operations shooting whatever moves. Use the realistic combat tactics youve learned here. If all else fails, and it rarely does, listen to your leadership. They have those ranks for a reason!

3.2 When you are assigned a specific weapon or specialty (Medic, Anti-Tank, etc.) you will play with that weapon or specialty - and only that weapon or specialty - when squad members are present. If you have a problem with the weapon or specialty you have been issued, write up a complaint to your squad leader for appeal. If in game, you may request the highest ranking member present to use another weapon temporarily, and they will decide if it is appropriate at that moment.

Our rules are simple but broad. We are strict with recruitment and those who pass basic training have shown that they have what it takes to be members of the 3rd ID. We trust each member to use common sense. It is our expectation that our members will strive to be the best they can in all things they do in the field of rules and regulations we expect no less!