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Recruit Tag Program (RTP)
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May 16, 2017, 11:13:38 PM

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3rd Infantry Division : Recruit Tag Program

Essentially, the Recruit Tag Program (RTP) prepares you for Basic Combat Training (BCT). Unlike many outfits, the 3rd ID does not recruit members on an individual basis. Instead, we wait until we have at least 4 active RTP recruits and then we begin BCT. Because the wait time between BCT classes can vary, we have implemented the RTP to give diligent enlistees recognition for, and duties suiting, their commitment.


Upon acceptance into the RTP, the newly appointed recruit will be assigned the rank of Recruit (RCT), wearing no tags at the end (Example: RCT Doe). This rank must be worn on Discord, and is highly encouraged to be displayed on Steam. You will be invited to the outfit in-game to show that you are a recruit of the 3rd ID. Furthermore, each recruit will use their last name as an identifier while a member of the 3rd Infantry Division. (NOTE: There is an exception for recruits who have a Planetside 2 character of high level and/or high financial investment.)


Requirements for Entry:

1.)  Submitted a sufficient Enlistment Application.

2.)   Spent sufficient time on Discord getting to know people and taking part in 3rd ID activities.

3.)   Must be mature, respectful and willing to learn.

RTP Permissions and Duties:

1.) Being granted the rank of Recruit (RCT).

2.) Becoming familiar with the Chain of Command. Recruits will be required to salute NCOs by addressing them as [Rank] [Name]. (NOTE: NCOs hold the rank of Sergeant (SGT) and above)

3.) Recruits are EXPECTED to use the in-game medic class (unless told otherwise). This is not a set rule but we will take note of willingness to comply with our expectations. (NOTE: When a recruit is inducted into BCT, the above expectation becomes a rule for the duration of the training.)

4.) Be permitted to participate in special 3rd ID events such as ceremonies, graduations, etc.

5.) Recruits will not have access to the 3rd ID personnel forums, as they are reserved for full members. Once BCT has begun, recruits will then be given access to the BCT forums along with their promotion to Private (PVT).


In Conclusion:

Please remember that those in the RTP are not official members of the 3rd ID. This is a staging process. Through adherence to the RTP, recruits are solidifying their place in the next BCT class.

Gentlemen, we wish you the best of luck in completing the recruitment process and becoming a member of the oldest tactical realism unit in gaming.

Rock of the Marne!
Sergeant David (Kit) Thrasher
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