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::ATTENTION:: First Steps for Potential Recruits (READ FIRST!)
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February 18, 2019, 03:24:19 PM

Author Topic: ::ATTENTION:: First Steps for Potential Recruits (READ FIRST!)  (Read 1007 times)

May 19, 2017, 01:36:37 AM

Thrasher [3rd ID]

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Welcome to the 3rd Infantry Division forums! May I be the first to greet you and thank you for taking an interest in the 3rd ID. It is my top priority to point you in the right direction and help ensure your readiness to become a member of our Planetside 2, tactical realism unit.

Making a Good First Impression

I stress the necessity of using Steam, Discord, and these forums for obtaining information and communicating with the unit. In particular, we use Discord as our main social platform. The 3rd ID is home to many kinds of people, and regardless of if we are playing a game or not, we can always be found hanging out on Discord. If you do not have Discord, please download it for free at https://discordapp.com/. In addition, this is our server address: https://discord.gg/JFeDEEp.

Along with making an attempt to be active on Discord, it is important that all enlistees show their commitment to the 3rd ID by doing their best to attend drill sessions in Planetside 2 every Wednesday and Sunday night at 8 PM EST. These sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours, and consist of tactical, team based play facilitated by our chain of command.

Your Enlistment Application

As a prospective enlistee, you are also required to post your enlistment papers in a separate thread in this forum. In a new thread (click the New Topic button), fill out the following template (remove the []'s when you write your response). Please be as descriptive and informative as possible. Remember, first impressions are extremely important at this stage in the enlistment process!

Also, please note that newly registered forum members will notice that before being able to submit their post, they will have to answer a CAPTCHA and 2 security questions. These security measures are in place to further prevent automated spam bots from posting. This will only last for the first couple of posts, and will then be removed as you pass a certain threshold. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Quote from: New Topic Subject:
Enlistment Application: [Last Name]

Quote from: Application Template
Full Name: [FirstName LastName]

In-Game Name: [Name you use in Planetside 2]

Steam Screen Name: [Steam Screen Name]

Steam Profile URL: [Steam URL]

E-Mail Address: [E-Mail]

Location: [City, State, Country]

Time Zone: [Time Zone (GMT)]

Age: [Your age]

Games you play: [We play many together, what about you?]

Reason for enlistment: [Why do you want to be a member?]

Reason we should consider your enlistment: [Why should we take you in? Be descriptive!]

Briefly describe how you found the 3rd ID: [We like to get feedback on our recruiting efforts]

Willing to wear 3rd ID tags at ALL times (in-game, on Steam, Discord and anywhere else the 3rd ID may request within reason)?: [Yes or No]

Have you read and understood "The Importance of Discord for Enlistees" thread?: [Yes or No]

Have you read and understood the "Recruit Tag Program (RTP)" thread?: [Yes or No]

We hold official drills every Wednesday and Sunday at 8:00pm EST. Will you make an attempt to attend as many of these drills as possible during your recruitment period and continue to do so upon acceptance into the unit: [Yes or No]


Please tell us more about yourself. What are some other hobbies of yours outside of video games? Are you in school? Do you work? etc. Feel free to share as much or as little as you want:

NOTE: We ask for your real name and age to keep with our traditions of realism. If you are uncomfortable with posting certain information please specify on the application (in the relevant field) "Withheld". Also, we do not discriminate based on age. We are primarily looking for maturity and willingness to contribute.

Closing Comments

I recommend that you reread the other stickies in this forum and make sure you've got a good grasp on their content. These posts will serve to prepare you and give you a better idea of what is to come.

"Multi-Clanning" is strongly discouraged in the 3rd ID. Our unit's longevity is attributed to the devotion of our members. Please consider what the 3rd ID is asking of you and what you are willing to contribute.

Finally, I wish you good luck! The 3rd ID is a fantastic unit with years of history to it and we are happy to include you.
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