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May 24, 2017, 10:02:34 PM

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Welcome to the 3rd Infantry Division forums! I am Corporal David Thrasher, Recruitment Corps JNCOIC and Public Relations for the 3rd ID. If you are in this section of the forums, then you are probably interested in some kind of joint operation(s) with or against the 3rd ID. Our unit is always interested in events within the greater Planetside 2 community. We are open to disciplined outfits who wish to play cooperatively or competitively. If you would like to fight or fight with the 3rd ID, Feel free to make a new thread in this forum with event and contact information. A member of the Command Staff will get back to you as soon as they can.

Contact Information

Please contact myself or a Command Staff member about any questions you or your organization may have about the 3rd ID.

Captain Townsend, Commanding Officer:

Steam - CPT Townsend [3rd ID]

In-Game - Townsend

Discord - GTownsend#7630

Sergeant Klassen, Command Staff:

Steam - CanadianSyrup

In-Game - Klassen

Discord - CanadianSyrup#9687

Corporal Thrasher, Recruitment Corps JNCOIC:

Steam - CPL Thrasher [3rd ID]

In-Game - DThrasher

Discord - CPL Thrasher [3rd ID]#4462

Thank you for your time.
Sergeant David (Kit) Thrasher
3rd Infantry Division, 15th Regiment, Kilo Company, 1st Platoon
Recruitment Corps NCOIC
Logistics Corps NCOIC
Bravo Squad ASL