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Personnel File

Private First Class Mikhail Hunstad
Kilo Company 1st Platoon Bravo Squad Fire Team 2
Location Miami, FL Nickname Hunstad
Status Active Duty Role Engineer
Enlisted 08/03/2014 Promoted 02/04/2015
Time in Service 4 years, 4 months, 13 days Time in Grade 3 years, 10 months, 12 days
Born in Iowa City, IA. Moved to Brooklyn, NY for a while, then moved to Miami, FL, my current residence. Found the 3rd ID when I looked through the Planetside wiki for Waterson outfits that seemed cool and respectable. Ran into PFC Foondle and a few RCTs a day later, and soon afterward got myself acquainted with the 3rd ID forums and TeamSpeak. Applied, and never looked back.
Service Record
02/04/2015 Promoted to the rank of Private First Class.
11/06/2014 Graduated from the 3rd ID Basic Combat Training Program; Promoted to the rank of Private Second Class; Assigned to Bravo "Thunder" Squad.
08/03/2014 Enlisted in the 3rd ID.
Award Record
04/27/2016 3rd Infantry Division Extended Service Medal Award Awarded for one full year of service in the 3rd Infantry Division.
02/04/2015 Army Service Ribbon Award Awarded to members who have achieved the rank of PFC, after the 3 month probationary period, following Basic Combat Training.
11/06/2014 Planetside 2 Theatre of Operations Medal Award Be a member of the 3rd Infantry Division during Planetside 2.